Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

* Note: I actually wrote this on New Years Day...but forgot to POST it! Duh...

It is officially a new decade. Where has the time gone?  You know you are getting old when you think things like that....let alone say it out loud!  The kids were very excited to see the ball drop in NYC...unfortunately since they are getting older and wiser they have learned to tell time.  Soooo they knew that it was not midnight yet when the ball dropped. But that was Daddy's problem because I fell 9:30! I think it is because I am old, tired, pregnant and getting a sinus infection ( at least that is what I told myself when I woke from my slumber this New Years kiss for me).  Our New Year's Eve tradition has become staying home with the kids and eating an obscene amount of "junk".  This years menu was Pizza Rolls, Lil' Smokies(these two make the cut every year), mini Quiche, fried mushrooms and mozzarella sticks and a veggie tray.  We are snacking on left overs today and also eating the "stuff" that didn't make it out last night...cheese and summer sausage and Dad's cheese dip. I had the intention of making homemade doughnuts for breakfast but could not muster up the energy needed. Maybe tomorrow or Sunday.

Dad did take the official New Years Eve picture.  Thanks Honey!

So here is to 2010. May you and yours have a year of blessings!

Here is the cheese dip recipe. It is one that he got from a good family friend, "Y". It is quick and easy and everyone always loves it.

2-3 jars of Cheese Whiz
1 family can of Cream of Mushroom Soup
browned Sausage and Hamburger ( I think it is supposed to be 1/2-1 lb. each but we just wing it. Sometimes using just one or the other)
Mix all together and keep warm in a crock pot.

You could also add some jalapeno's. We don't with the kids, but do add just the "pickled" juice from them once in a while.

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  1. Great picture Monica! Glad to know someone else is okay with just hanging around the house on New Year's Eve.