Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I looked in the Thesaurus ( because I can't find a dictionary) under resolutions to see what other words would help explain its meaning. The ones I like so far are : aim, courage, purpose, and sincerity. Every year it is the same thing...make a huge resolution/s and then beat myself up because I can't keep up with them by February ( sometimes it is really mid January) But this year is different.  I am really making them for me. Not to try to please someone else. 

The first one is inspired by my middle son.  Before Christmas he was toting around a Bible I had gotten my husband when he was Batized.  It is your basic bible, black cover, gold edges. My little guy wanted help finding the middle of the bible. Then he would just stare at the page and read the words he knew. He is in kindergarten and is picking up reading very quickly, great for him...another challenge for Dad and I as we try to "sneak" things by the children..( does anyone else do that?).  He did this night after night for a decent amount of time.  One night we where having some "challenges".  I was tired and out of patience.  He was full of energy and mischief.  After being short with him because I was trying to get some "Christmas" stuff ready, he came over to me toting the bible and said " Mom, will you read this one to me?"  "Of course, show me which one."  "Right here" he said pointing.  I took the bible and adjusted it so my old tired eyes could focus and read "A patient man has great understanding, but a quick-tempered man displays folly." Proverbs 14:29 (NIV).  Humbling on a normal day. Of course God always knows what to do and again he let me know how I should be behaving with my son.  As I fought back tears, we talked about what the verse meant and how it applied to everyone but how is specifically fit the situation when had been in that night.  It was a good "teachable" moment. One that I am so greatful for taking the time to have.  He has come back with his new, green, camouflage kids bible that I bought him for Christmas ( Dads black one was hard to hold due to its size) asking me to find that verse and read it again. He said it is his favorite. One of mine too. So the actual "resolution" here is to be more patient. With him. With the rest of my family. With everyone. And to take the time to use the moments God gives us with our children. The time goes by too quickly.  This incident also reminded me of a resolution I have made for several years but have been unsuccessful at meeting. I have never read the entire bible. Last year for Christmas my mom got me a chronological bible that is broken down by days.  I started reading it last year and didn't make it very far.... so January 1, 2010 I took it off of the shelf, blew the dust off, and cracked it open.  I am happy to report I have read it every day so far and am very optomistic this time.  With a new baby coming in a few weeks and the cold and snow we have blanketing the Midwest  it is the perfect time to commit to an inside "project".  I am anxious to see what the end result INSIDE me is.  I will let you know as I go along.  If you are interested here is a pic of the bible I am using

It is available at here ( one of my very favorite websites) or you local bookstore. Did you make a resolution?


  1. Great entry... I had tears in my eyes too. What a moment to see God working in our lives. Best of luck as you try to stick with it this time! Let us know how it goes.

  2. I love that you are posting more! That is a great post and I loved reading about your middle boy and his Bible reading. He's such an awesome kid! I haven't formally made any resolutions yet but reading the whole Bible was on the list in my head. That looks like a great one to use. Thanks for the great post!

  3. I agree, this post is great. Thank you so much. That is neat he likes the Bible. Tonight, Ethan asked me if he could make a folder to put all his worksheets in from Sunday School, so I guess that was pretty neat for me. I have not really made any resolutions, but since the weather has been cold, I have noticed myself letting the boys watch way more TV/video games than they should. I guess my resolution is to put some limits on it and play with them more because you are right, time goes by too fast. It will be easier in the summer, but for now, we need to think about other fun things to do inside, like the 10,000 new toys they got for Christmas.