Friday, September 11, 2009

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL???

Ok....I had a whole blog written up...hit post..and it vanished. I am such a technotard. I will give it another whirl!

As a last hurray for summer, we headed to Kansas City for a day of swimming and football with Aunt Brenda and Uncle Catfish. The kids had so much fun! The entire drive down was beautiful, sunny, perfect for one last swim....And as soon as we hit town the clouds rolled in. But the boys were determined to get wet!


I LOVE the pool! Chillin' with Packer...( this photo also won the prestigious 1st place in the people catagory at our recent MOPS photo contest! ;p )

Turtles..come out come out whereever you are! Looking for Stanely and his buddy...Warming up with Daddy.

All of the "boys"

Soon it was time to load up and head out for the boys first tailgate experience! They were so excited to go to the stadium and eat Uncle Catfish's cooking! ( He is an awesome cook!)

The tailgate "rolemodel"

Playing catch with a "real NFL football, Mom!" Brats, beans, brownies...oh my! Tate loved the "beans from Kansas City"
Aunt Brenda, Uncle Catfish and the boys. The other BIG hit of the night...the Cheerleaders! Daddy was sooo proud!