Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My LIfe. In Pictures. Day 3

Today's challenge is "touch". Again, a difficult one to decide on since there are so many things I touch during the day...some good, some not so good. My photo skills are lacking but here is what I came up with for today....

I was "touching" my little pumpkin as he/she ( or "Pat" you know from my MIL so lovingly refers to it ;p) was kicking me...while drinking my warm cup of tea!  Hard to take a pic of yourself....

I know we are only supposed to do one but the other thing I have been touch all day is my sick little monkey...

I always kiss their foreheads to see how the temperature is going (part of the time because it is a good excuse to kiss them, the other times...I have NO idea where I left the thermometer after I took the temp the last time).  I am usually within .5 degrees- as I am sure you are too-Mom's just know.  So this is my baby finally sleeping with a temp, right before I touched his forehead with my lips to see how he was.

Hope you are all having fun with the photo challenge! It is great to see what everyone else is posting! Be sure to check it out at Amber's blog....


  1. Awww, those are the best kinds of touches!!

  2. That is so beautiful! How great to capture your "Pat" while he/she is kicking. And what a gorgeous little one you already have. Poor little thing; look at those red cheeks!

  3. Poor baby! It stinks being sick. I hope he feels better quickly.

  4. Two things-
    First- LOVE the pic of your baby belly
    Second- I am so proud of you going into your sick kids room and taking pictures of them sleeping... you are really gettting into this blog thing now!

  5. I love your sweet photos! It really is hard to get a picture of yourself and it's beautiful. I hope your little guy feels better soon!