Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My LIfe. In Pictures. Day 2

Oooopppps! Yesterday got away from me..I had three doctor appointments in the morning ( everything is A-O-K) and I just forgot to do my Day 2 challenge....Probably no big surprise to those of you who read my blog.  Anyway I have been thinking about what to shoot for Day 2 and have come up with and discarded many ideas.  But I think I finally settled on one....The sound of silence.  Of course how do I capture that?  I was just warming up water in my favorite mug, getting ready to enjoy a cup of warm tea and it hit me.  I usually have a cup when all is quiet.  With three rowdy boys, a wonderful husband, two wacko dogs and a couple of part time day care kid; I really enjoy the sound of silence.  Sometimes.  Usually, while I am sitting there listening to "nothing", I am reminded again of how lucky I am to have the above "noise" around me all of the time. I do miss it when it is gone.  But for the few brief moments when I am enjoying the too hot sips of tea, it is nice to hear the thoughts in my head, even if they eventually come back to what I can't hear.

( The mug is on the arm of my favorite new recliner with the blanket I cover up with while I am drinking my tea)

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  1. Monica- I love your blog! Hope you are doing well. Awesome pic- that looks like a great coffee/tea mug!